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25th-Jun-2011 11:53 am - Tatting in the News
B.J. Chase shares tatting technique with visitors at the Farm Museum

This article from the Carroll County Times in Westminster, MD, describes tatting very well. There are some lovely pictures of Ms. Chase tatting. I love the trim on her bonnet!
23rd-Mar-2011 01:51 pm - Clothes Buying
Me 4/4/11
And yet again, I get to point at Marianne's entry, and say, "This, this, so much this!"

OK, my wardrobe's not quite so extensive (yet), and we have totally different styles, but the rest of it? Yup. I'm not wasting time, money, water, and electricity on washing an item of clothing that's not dirty. If I wore it once in a cool environment (no sweat) and didn't drip anything on it (or run through a mud puddle)? It's most likely not dirty.

In other news: Not dead. Although my face is swollen because I finally got my top wisdom teeth out Monday. I was actually feeling pretty good and had almost no swelling yesterday. Today I woke up feeling awful & looking like a chipmunk. Fun. Pain meds & ice have me feeling much better now (although now there's a bit of nausea thanks to the oxycodone). *sigh* I can't win here.

We still don't know exactly when we're moving, but my grandmother has decided that our current vehicle isn't enough (can't blame her, I was hoping to start looking for another one soon-ish, anyway). She's buying me a used something-or-other. I think she said 2009 Impala? I dunno. Guess I'll find out when I get it. I'm sure I'll end up paying effectively double for it one way or another. It usually ends up that way with her, but hey! Reliable vehicle that doesn't sound like an eighteen-wheeler FTW!
20th-Jan-2011 01:57 pm - Graduate school
Pentacle Theatre Masks
So... After *mumbles* 16.5 years out of college, I think I should go back and get my Master of Fine Arts in Theatre. Specifically, performance, although I'm not totally averse to directing. And I definitely want some courses in there (even if I have to take 'em on my own) about the more technical aspects and house/stage management. I've done those last, but I suspect I'd be more confident with some coursework.

I'm strongly considering the University of New Orleans. They're not too far, so my family won't freak the hell out (they've a habit of doing that, even though I'm not exactly the "stay in touch constantly" type no matter where I live). It's New Orleans, so there's tons to do. It's right on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain, so I could fairly easily get away with living in one of the suburbs and just driving in to classes (lower costs!) Galoot could transfer to a store in Kenner (I think it was Kenner).

Of course, this is probably not going to happen this fall, since I also have to take the GRE, get transcript stuff (they want my gpa? huh? I don't remember what that was...), convince people to write letters of recommendation, find audition monologues (and somebody to direct me since I, thus far, SUCK at directing myself), etc.

Meanwhile, Galoot is possibly going to be applying for a different job in Hattiesburg (about 1.5 hours south of where we are currently for those with no clue as to Mississippi geography) which would be a bit more money than I make currently. I can't transfer there, but we could make it until I could find a job, and it could be part-time since I'd be prepping for MFA stuff somewhere.

So. Who the hell should I ask for letters? MC wasn't exactly full of theatre profs. There was exactly one full-time prof, who is now the director of a speech school (but I'm pretty certain I can get her to write me a letter), and one part-time prof who I've no idea how to contact. There were profs in the Communications department, but the ones I know have mostly retired or moved out of state. I suppose I could ask one of the Computer Science profs who loved me & are still there. I worked in the computer lab, which they oversaw.

How ridiculous would it be to ask my best friend? He attended MC at the same time I did, and he's now the dean of history/political science at another college. Since my goal is to become a theatre teacher at the college level, would it be a good idea to have someone who's been telling me I should teach at the college level for twenty years??
30th-Dec-2010 12:47 am - Sweater progress - Almost finished
Shawl pic
The project page is here for those of you on Ravelry. Copy/Pasting what I wrote there:

As of 12:30 am CST, I’ve finished the body! Woot!!!! All I have to do is attach the sleeves, and I will be done, baby! Honestly? If I were the sort to wear sleeveless sweaters, I’d stop now & just hide the ends. It looks that good. But… yeah, I’d never actually wear it (maybe occasionally over a long sleeve t-shirt, but never over a tank top which sort of negates the point of this being a most-of-the-year sweater). So! Sleeves! And then pictures!

9th-Dec-2010 07:22 pm - Sweater progress
Shawl pic
After much procrastinating (aka "Well, I really should finish these gloves since it's cold and they're kinda needed... and I really ought to do this other project, too"), I have finished the 2nd sleeve on the Mermaid Mesh sweater. Woot. Now a (hopefully) short break as my fingers recover from the marathon knitting session of the last couple of days. Err, I was rather... determined to finish that sleeve... Heh.

I've also made fingerless gloves for everybody in the household, using OzB's pattern (#2 on that page). I discovered after finishing the pair for myself that my left hand is noticeably smaller than my right. Apparently, this is normal.* When I measured for Bunni's gloves, my left fit her left hand perfectly (aside from the fingers being longer than she wanted) but my right glove was a smidge snug. For Tebbi, my right fit perfectly but the left was too big. I adjusted the counts for their gloves, but now I need to go back & make another left for myself since it is ever-so-slightly annoying to have all that extra fabric on my left hand...

Pictures? Oh, I suppose those would be nice. I'll get on that. Eventually. I want pictures of everybody's hands wearing their gloves (except I need to wait due to the horrid, horrid state of my fingernails. Blech.)

*Galoot's hands are apparently not normal since both of his are the same size (then again, Galoot is demonstrably not normal, for which I am usually grateful).
11th-Oct-2010 01:48 am - Knitting in Hibernation
Raccoons - Hi there
As those of you who read me elsewhere may have noticed, I'm in a bit of a hibernation period again. Feel free to point me at things I may have missed. Going back & catching up on posts just feels like work lately. I'm not in a mood to delete the journal or friends/reading lists, etc. Just... not feeling like scrolling back far enough to catch up on stuff I can't read during my work week. Meh. Whatever.

I'm still alive, though, so no worries on that front. Allergies, sinuses, & an apparent cold (at the moment) as per the usual, but nothing life-threatening.

I'm knitting sporadically, of course. I'm almost finished with another pair of Gerlinde's Fingerless Gloves. Last one was in Paton Stretch Socks - Olive (variegated greens & yellows) for the Galoot (seabat). This one's in Licorice (variegated black/grey/white) for me. Bunni (oh, hell, hon, which username is the most current today?) wants a pair in Sugar (pink/grey/white), and then Steph wants a pair in Taffy (browns).

I have pictures of my latest socks (barring the absolute latest pair) to post once I get them off the camera & cleaned up. That's ummmm.... two pairs of really thick socks in different mostly-grey variegates, one long pair of lace socks in the aforementioned Taffy (all for me), one shorter pair in the same Taffy (for Mum), and the un-pictured (yet) long lace socks in Sugar. Oh, my KT friends are going to be clamoring at me for their own versions of those! ;) *snerk*

I'm also in the midst of a sweater for myself. Hopefully, this one won't end up in the frog pond.

See, I got loads of Glitterspun several years back. Enough, I thought for a sweater. And, sure enough, it was. It was also scratchy. Much too much so for something that would be against my skin with nothing underneath (beyond the usual under-pinnings). So, it's been sitting there waiting for another project. I thought I'd found the perfect one: an open-work sweater of the sort I love - Mermaid Mesh. Except. My gauge was totally off. Try though I might, I was not getting the right gauge. And calculating yardage needed at my gauge based on yardage suggested in the pattern told me I would need at least twice as much yarn as I already had.

Looked into ordering more, and discovered Lion Brand has discontinued the yarn. Arrrrgh. Did I mention arrrrgh? Yeah. Aaand the Glitterspun goes back in the stash. *sigh*

But, after playing with this pattern, now I really want this sweater. So, off to the store to see what yarn might work & be in my price range (and not in danger of being discontinued). Hobby Lobby has come out with some new yarns, mostly acrylic, but there is quite a lovely worsted cotton. Which comes in a gorgeous dark emerald green. Which I don't have nearly enough of in my closet. And, oooo look, they just happen to have enough yardage if my gauge is right.....


Got about halfway through the first repeat (in the round, natch! Seaming? Yuuuuck!), when it occurred to me: Self, perhaps a sleeve would be an easier way to check gauge? And not so much frogging if it doesn’t work? Yeah. *head-desk*

So. I haz a sleeve! And the gauge is pretty damn near spot-on! OK, the rows seem a bit off, but not so much it’s noticeable, especially given that I wanted it to be longer anyway. I’m making the sleeves several inches (read, about 5.5-6) longer than the pattern calls for as I am possessed of the Stuart Boarding House Reach(TM). I tried tying said sleeve onto my tank top, and it fits! Yay! Errr, now I have to do another one. and the body. *slump* But, but, but, Iwantedtowearmynewsweater. *casts on for second sleeve*

Yeah, that's why I much prefer making socks two at a time. I get the same problem with the gloves. Which I can't make at the same time, because - fingers. Well, I could, but that gets fiddly with all the stitch holders everywhere and all.

For the non-Mississippi College-aware: KT = Kissimee Tribe = MC's version of a sorority. See, MC being all good Southern Baptists and whatnot, they can't be having any of those licentious Greek clubs on campus. (Just never you mind about the honors, theatre, etc. Greek societies, hmmm?) So. Women have Tribes* instead of Sororities. I was in KT. Our mascot is the elephant. Our colors are pink & grey. Yup. The jokes were plentiful. Not in the least lessened by KT's reputation of not being afraid of a good party.

*Yes, Tribes. The school mascot is the Choctaw, ok? Yes, I know. Not my fault. They paid my way, and it was a good education back before they went all "we're a good, moral place to send your pweshus widdle darlings after high school. Please forget all about the former-Presidential scandal. Please?"
So. My family. They are making my brain hurt over on Facebook. For reals. Nearly every one of them is posting some nonsense or other about the "Ground Zero Mosque" and how it shouldn't be allowed.

#1. Not a mosque. The bleeding thing is a community center and will include a cooking school, a basketball court, various meeting places (including one specifically for inter-faith discussions), a memorial for 9/11, and a prayer area. *head-desk, head-desk, head-desk*

#2. Not at Ground Zero. At most, we're talking 2 blocks from one corner of the site. That's at least 4 blocks from where the "official" memorial will be.

#3. Ummmm, I thought the USA was supposedly founded on religious tolerance????? Not religious bigotry??? So why am I getting bombarded with bullshit about "not until there's a Baptist church on every corner in their hometowns???? AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

Oh, and then there's the lovely "this is immoral" bullshit. And the "Muslims are all preaching VIOLENCE against NON-BELIEVERS" bullshit. And I want to shake them and scream at them. And the whole thing makes me shake as I try to keep my cool and simply post facts. But it's not working. I'm losing my cool on this thing. I'm walking away from this thing now before I start actively cursing at them on their own posts.
17th-Jun-2010 04:20 am - Glasses
Me 4/4/11
No picture yet (can't find our cable to connect devices), but I have new glasses after almost (as in, a few months shy of) ten years.

Yeah, yeah, I know. Doctor visits are important, blah blah blah. WhatEVAR. Y'all should know by now that I don't care to go to docs for anything unless I'm about to keel over dead. Well, my old glasses were so scratched up I could barely see out of the left lens, and the right lens was fast losing the AR coating. So!

Apparently my near-sightedness has improved? Didn't know that could happen. Anyway, doc rec's against LASIK due to my being 38 and probably going to change from near-sighted to far-sighted in the next few years anyway (oh, the joys of aging). Eh, my eyes have stumped enough optometrists that I figure we'll just wait and see how that goes.

I may go back and get contacts later, but for now I just needed glasses out of which I can, y'know, SEE. Heh.

Dr. Wilson's a pretty cool guy. We bonded over cats. He totes understood my not wanting to get new glasses in part because the extreme scratching on the left lens was from Sammy chewing on them. *sad smile*

Right. No sobbing over keyboard. New frames! Designed by Catherine Deneuve, they're quite elegant although rather heavier than the old ones. That'll take some adjustment. Speaking of, I still need to have the back of the ear pieces moved out a bit (did some work on the temples, but they're squishing behind my ears some now). Here is a picture of the frames themselves. Mine are the ruby ones, but there's no image of them in that color.
17th-Jun-2010 03:54 am - Tatted Earrings
Finally got something scanned & ready to post! No, the top ring doesn't join in this lop-sided manner. It's not connected on the sides at all, but neither earring wanted to stay put on the scanner. It actually does hang properly when worn.

Tatted & beaded earrings for STTatted & beaded earrings
made for my supervisor at work. (Info about pattern, etc., can be found by clicking the picture.)
28th-May-2010 10:31 am - Tatting Survey
A west-coast tatter working on a college computer class project wrote with this request:
- - - - - - - - -

Patti Duff, Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild, has kindly offered to be a reference
for me. A "thank you" to Patti for mentioning my request in the STG

I'm taking a class, Intro to Office 2007, at Walla Walla Community College
in Walla Walla, WA. For our Final we are to do a Project utilizing the
skills we've learned in class. I decided to do the Project on tatting.

While I don't claim to know very much about tatting, it seemed like an
opportunity to share with others at least a little bit about tatting. Since
it is a computer class, the teacher is mostly looking at the computer

To make the charts, I thought it would be interesting if I could use real
data from real tatters. To gather the information, I've put together a
12-question survey with easy questions on a survey website recommended by
the teacher. I hope you'll consider participating in the survey by June 1.

To access the link to the survey, please click here:


The survey is anonymous. I won't know who participated. Please encourage
any fellow tatters you may know to check out the survey link, too.
12th-May-2010 08:13 am - Been off-LJ
Elephant on Cat
So... what have I missed? New schedule means I haven't quite gotten caught up on LJ. If you've posted anything you think I should see (from the last week? two weeks?), post a link.

New schedule is mostly going well. I just have to figure out my time when I'm not at work. I'm now working 9pm - 7am, Thursday - Sunday (that's going in at 9pm on Thur, "weekend" begins at 7am on Mon). Today, I get spanner in the works: training from 11am - whenever (likely 5pm). Of course, I couldn't sleep despite being tired from having forced myself to get up earlier than I wanted yesterday. Oh, today's gonna be fun.
Go here for details on what it does and how to turn it off.

Thanks to andrewducker.
19th-Apr-2010 02:25 am - Notable Books meme
so many books
I think I may have done this one before, but let's see if anything has changed...

Read more...Collapse )

Totals: 27 completely; 16 more in part
Not too bad. There are several that I'd like to move from partial to complete and a few others that I'd like to at least put on the partial list. Although I have to admit there are a few of the partials that I will never, ever, ever pick up and complete as they actually got tossed across the room (which is why they will remain partials).
13th-Mar-2010 07:04 pm - Random stuff and curiousity
Raccoons - Hi there
Hmmm, several adds from Russian LJ-ers that don't look like spam. Um, hi? I don't speak/read Russian, so I've no idea who you are or why on earth you'd want to read me, but go for it!

(As an aside: with limited time to study, that particular language is a bit further down the list of "things I'd like to learn one of these days.")


I'm putting in applications again. I'm still not overly happy with the job and have been having more/worse allergy attacks and assorted other health-related up-fuckery. Due to FMLA fun-times (don't get me started as I can rant for days about that), I'm likely to end up losing my job anyway, so I might as well look for something that suits me better. Looking at home-based as something I could do even when I feel like utter crud.

The hubby has found a part-time job with insurance so at least we'll still have some coverage (dunno how good it is, but it's gotta be better than nothing.) Luckily, said job is rather easy for him (lots of standing, but not much in the way of mental exhaustion). I'd apply for that too as they are in dire need of more people, but cooking would be involved, and well. Heh. Those of you who've been around for a bit probably remember that cooking is Not On for me. (Somehow, I suspect employers frown on accidental poisoning of customers....)

Got to locate the typing/data-entry speed tests so I can answer those questions in the apps. Currently, my answer to how fast I type is "Ummmmm. Not as fast as my mother?" *shrug*


Aaaand there was other stuff I was going to post. But I have sieve-brain today. One good thing about FB is that I can easily toss up random links. Here, I prefer to save them until I have a good number so that I'm not just randomly spamming my f-list. So, a sampling of what I've been tossing over there:

Saints in the Super Bowl cartoons from Marshall Ramsey
Pigs Flying & Frozen Hades
Field of Dreams
If the Saints can win the Super Bowl…
And that frozen Hades 'toon? Was all too prescient as Mississippi/Louisiana/Arkansas got hit by cold weather the likes of which we haven't seen in years. Ummm, thanks Saints? ROFL

Geek Clothing & Toys
Barbie Becomes a Computer Engineer -- I'd wear that shirt if it came in my size!
Hello Dalek
Hello Schroddy -- Believe it or not, I was never a Hello Kitty fan
Adam Savage: my Blade Runner gun

Fun, Introvert Style
"It'll Be Fun!" and Other Extrovert Lies
The inside scoop on your introvert friends

Dolphins have diabetes off switch
Read The Archives Of Popular Science, Back to 1872
New Rocket Engine Could Reach Mars in 40 Days

Knitting needles keep crafter, 87, sharp

In the News
Why Can't This Mississippi Teen Bring a Date to Prom? Because She Wants to Bring Her Girlfriend, And Wear a Tux -- lots more links about this on FB
BofA apologizes for parrot theft, padlocked house

Come on, you KNOW there had to be at least one RS link...
Think you know Rick Springfield? Check out this clip from the Canadian TV show "Unscripted" and maybe you'll learn a thing or two!

There was lots of stuff about health care (including pro-choice stuff), Kevin Smith, DADT, etc that already got posted all over LJ so there's no need for me to repeat it.
17th-Feb-2010 03:59 am - Meme
Stolen from eilonwy

cut for those as don"t careCollapse )
12th-Feb-2010 02:29 am - We haz snow
Caroling Penguin
OK, when one is sick with the crud (head & chest congestion, sneezing enough to lose grey matter), one probably oughtn't go out & play in the snow that is coming down like a good hard rain. A cold rain. And getting off the concrete into the snow-drift when I don't have a change of wool socks was probably a bad idea, too, huh? Damn.

But, it is pretty.... But winter can stop now, please? I'm much too cold.
22nd-Nov-2009 08:32 am - Urban Dictionary survey
Me 4/4/11
Go to http://www.urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.

Read more...Collapse )
21st-Nov-2009 07:34 pm - Feather Weight Champion Warming Up
Me 4/4/11
Ah, the beauty of photoshop and a well-timed picture!
7th-Nov-2009 04:24 am - I'm not dead. Really. I'm not.
Knitted Elephant
Nope, not dead yet. Just not much time for posting, and not much going on worth posting.

Galoot was in a play for Fondren Theater Workshop - The Monster Monologues - as Igor. Pics are in various places around FB.


I've been knitting, of course. 1st of a pair of socks for me? Done, baby! Well, except for a wash & block, but that'll wait until 2nd is done. Pics of the socks after they're done*. But I'm very, very proud of them. My second pair of socks that actually fit and turned out as intended! (First pair were for Galoot. There are pictures. Somewhere. On his 'puter maybe?) Plus, this bind off? Is Love! My sock fits over my heel, yo! And goes all the way up to my knee without cutting off circulation!

Hrmm, did I post the pics of the first Bella-jacket here? Ah, yes, I did. I've yet to get pics of the kimono-style cardi I made next. I still plan on making a "big sister" version of one or the other, but I'll have to sort out the math to make it work. What size is the average almost-four-year-old, anyway? Yet Another Reason they live too far away: I can't just go take measurements.

For those not watching my FB, Bella arrived 22 September and already has the entire family, including her big sister, wrapped around her finger. I've not yet met her in person, but I think she has "Daddy" written all over her! Madi's a fair mix of both parents, but I suspect Bella will end up looking more like our side of the family -- especially if those chubby cheeks are anything to go by! ;)


Work continues to eat my life. The debate continues about my schedule. I'd like to fit in time to do more with theatre, but I am very anti-morning shift. *sigh* Plus, working this later shift means I get a very slight increase in pay. *grump* Donwanna work early shift. But want theatre-stuff, even if it's just backstage stuff. Meh. No word on when we might do schedule changes at work anyway, so it's not like I have to decide right this minute. MM just brought home how very much I miss doing that stuff, especially with a group as good as FTW.

And, I think that's it right now. Still not dead.

*Sock #2 will have to wait until a commissioned baby jacket is done for the niece of my supervisor at work. The jacket is the same pattern as above-linked, but larger size and different color.
3rd-Oct-2009 04:11 am - Bodies Beautiful at any Size
Me 4/4/11
These Bodies are Beautiful at Every Size

So. Glamour gets it. Sort of. I'm not 100% happy with the article. Kate Harding says most of what I was thinking over at Jezebel, "One woman of color, one maybe size 16, and a bunch of women who are conventionally beautiful and traditionally feminine-looking, despite being, you know, somewhere around the size of the average American woman (only much taller). As I said before, it's a good effort, and I'm going to go buy the issue to show my support. But let's not kid ourselves — this isn't a revolution. Yet."

It may not be a revolution, but it feels like the beginnings of one. While body acceptance has had some heroes for quite a while now, it still seems pretty major for one of the larger "lady mags" to acknowledge that women shouldn't be required (or feel that they are) to be a size 0. Unless, of course, that's where their bodies naturally want to be.

*ponders* There was more I wanted to say, but it's 4:30am (ish) here, and the thinky-thoughts are flying out of my brain too fast to be typed. Maybe later.
3rd-Oct-2009 04:03 am - What's your real sign?
From andrewducker:

"Your astrological sign was determined by the position of constellations 2200 years ago. Over time, Earth has tilted on its axis changing these positions...and maybe even your astrological sign! Let the science of Astronomy explain the phenomenon of precession, which caused this shift."

Enter your date of birth & location to find out where the stars actually were when you were born. Pretty nifty!

Heh. Using the adjusted chart, I'm actually a Taurus. And Galoot is Aries. Hmmm. Nah, I think I'll stick with my astronomically-wrong astrology. ;)
18th-Sep-2009 01:16 am - "The Ballad of Barry Allen"
From ashbet:
As she says, "The tribute video is fun, although I'm inclined to tell you to listen to the song for the first time with your eyes closed to get the full effect."

For the unfamiliar, Barry Allen was DC Comics' the Flash (well, one of them, and probably the best known).

From the Wikipedia article, it appears this song has a special connection to Flash in that the band's frontman, Jim Infantino, is the nephew of Carmine Infantino, co-creator of the Flash.

video & lyricsCollapse )
18th-Sep-2009 12:19 am - Accent quiz
resultsCollapse )

Hmm. That's different. On the older version, I get either "Southern" or "Inland North" depending on how I answer the "horrible" (which is almost like "hot" but not quite) and the "Mary/merry/marry" questions. I never really liked that one because my answer isn't actually an option for several of the questions. My answers weren't exactly an option on the newer version either, but that's not really the point I'm considering. It's that I usually get "Midland" or "Southern." Apparently, my pronunciations have changed? Weird.

Then again, I'm now spending most of my days surrounded by people with rather thick Southern accents & talking on the phones to people with (often) even thicker Southern accents. But the most common response to my voice is still "You're not from around here, are you?" To which, I still adore telling them, "Why, yes, I grew up in small-town Mississippi!" Heh. Then I ask what accent they think I have. I'm usually told that I either sound like I'm from Chicago or northern California/Washington state (and no, I don't have any idea how CA matches Chicago, and I really, really don't think I sound like a Chicagoan. At. All.)
7th-Sep-2009 02:01 am - links & stuff
so many books
First, Neil Gaiman's bookshelf, well, library really. Want. Intensely.

If we had space & bookshelves, we're probably not far off, actually... Although, ours are mostly paperback. I'm... honestly not sure how many boxes o' books are currently in the storage unit, never mind how many are in our home. o_O And that's after we got rid of the "oh dear god, WHY did I/you/we buy this (please, please, please say it was a gift from a well-meaning but hopelessly uninformed person)? And why on EARTH do we STILL have it?? For that matter, how did this piece of tripe get published?" ones.

Second, Blake's 7 videos & Episode Guide to same. The videos are posted in reverse order.

Third, I have managed to avoid accidental suicide again. Those inspecting my default icon might have noticed the spiral stairs. And the carpet. I managed to put my foot on the narrower part of a step about halfway down & slid almost all the rest of the way down. Ouch. As much to my ego as to my bum, I'm afraid. Of course, there were a few other bumps along the way. My ankles are more pissed than usual at me just now. Can I have a new body yet?

Fourth, Plus-sized lingerie. *happy sigh* I need lots of money, please. Because I need several of those. Yes, need. Shush.

Particularly lusting after this and this atm.

I am also very pleased that the models are Actual Plus Sized Women! No, not the "really a size 12, but we're going to call her a plus-sized model" types you see wearing Lane Bryant stuff. I am so tired of seeing women in those adverts that clearly couldn't actually shop in that store. What? Fat women aren't pretty? Screw you, Madison Avenue. I'd be happier if the plus sizes went a little higher (I'm not certain my step-daughter will actually be able to find anything in her size there, even though the size charts do include her), but hey! Pretty things modeled on people that actually look a little bit like I'd look in them!
1st-Sep-2009 04:30 am - Bella's 1st Cardigan
Knitted Elephant
Hmmmmm, dunno if I've mentioned here that I'm going to be an aunt again. My brother & his lovely wife (who puts up with waaaay more of his shit than I would, but shhhh! We want to keep her!) are expecting at the end of this month. I get another niece & Grammy gets another granddaughter to spoil!

Anyway: First item knitted for the baby!
Knitted baby cardigan from Lion Brand's Buttery Soft Baby Set http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/655.html in Microspun white. Begun 10 August 2009, finished 31 August 2009.
Bella"s 1st Cardigan - front, buttoned

Or, those who prefer Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moniqueleigh/3876815507/

Next up, either another cardigan (kimono style), a larger version for Big Sister, booties, legwarmers? Haven't decided yet. May go ahead and do the 2nd cardi while I check yarn amounts as I can't seem to find any more Microspun locally, drat it, & I've a limited supply.
23rd-Jul-2009 01:58 am - Postal Service woes
*grump* As if the USPS doesn't have enough troubles, now they're potentially closing a number of locations & subcontracting some services. See here for more details.

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to be getting yet another form letter from my congress-critter about how he's going to "take my opinions under consideration" while effectively patting me on the head and telling me what a cute little idiot I am???
20th-Jul-2009 05:50 am - Oooo!
2001 cat
This is very cool! Thanks to ashbet for this one.

Toto's "Africa" as perormed by Perpetuum Jazzile, live at Vokal Xtravaganzza 2008 (October 2008):
16th-Jul-2009 11:29 pm - 15 years
Moni & Galoot
15 years ago today (ok, a few hours ago), I married one of my best friends. We haven't killed each other yet, and we're still friends. Yay, us!

Love you, baby!
26th-Jun-2009 09:55 pm - Courage Campaign
Me 4/4/11
Re-posting to spread the word:

Did you know that the military is still discharging soldiers for being openly gay?

One of these soldiers is California's Lt. Dan Choi, who is also an Arabic linguist. Lt. Choi is fighting the discharge and fighting the discriminatory "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and needs your help.

Lt. Choi goes on trial on Tuesday. I just signed a letter of support via the Courage Campaign for Lt. Choi, which he will bring with him to his trial. In less than a day since the letter was released, more than 50,000 people have also signed on in support of Lt. Choi.

It's important that Lt. Choi walks into the courtroom holding as many signatures of support as possible for his fight to continue serving his country, no matter who he loves.

Will you join me in signing and urge your friends to do the same before Tuesday's trial?:

23rd-Jun-2009 06:55 pm - Medical Status
Inara - waiting
Those of you who know me are about to faint from shock: I voluntarily went to a doctor today.


You all back? Good. OK, maybe not completely voluntarily. I did have that FMLA deadline hanging over my head. But. Anyway. Doctor. She's nice. (Even though she does have one of those personalities that pushes full-steam forward, making me want to back up about three feet just to blunt it a bit. And I've seen that very often among women in medical specialties... *preempts rant about sexism*)

She thinks my trouble may actually be allergies. Apparently the X-rays of my sinus cavities didn't show anything that "impressive" (iow, no "OMG, get this woman into surgery immediately! How the hell does she even breathe at all??"), but our discussion of symptoms and such led her to believe that it may be as simple as a dust-mite allergy. So. I'm starting with a nasal steroid spray. After a month, we'll see how that's working.

My favorite thing about Dr Fulcher? She believes in taking the simple/cheaper routes first. If those don't work, then we go for the more expensive solutions. It may take longer, but it'll be easier on our finances if it does turn out to be a mild allergy to something. We probably won't even bother with the allergy test if the spray works; because, really, who gives a rat's ass WHAT the allergy is if the spray works!

*crosses fingers the spray works*
21st-May-2009 02:50 am - From Neil Gaiman's journal
Time - 8th Doctor (Paul McGann)
Eep, I'm cutting this one a bit close, I know. Hopefully, somebody else out there has posted this already (I'm woefully behind on LJ, as usual).


Even if you don't support stemcell research, go ahead & express your opinion. Personally, I'm a supporter. So many things have already been found with this research, and there are so many more possibilities....
15th-May-2009 04:16 am - Quizzy quizzy quizzy
Pentacle Theatre Masks
cut to save your f-listCollapse )

Oh, and if you take this quiz, trust me, you want to re-size the bloody picture. It's sized at 1500x1500. Idjit.
11th-Apr-2009 05:03 pm - Icon Meme
Snagged from eilonwy

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.

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